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Across County Durham and the Tees Valley, around 35,000 NHS staff serve a population of 1.2 million people* in specialist and local hospitals, in GP practices and community settings, and at home.

Our health needs are changing.  Thanks to better care, we are surviving illnesses and living with conditions for much longer than we used to.

This means that our health services need to change too.

The Better Health programme is about how your local NHS can provide you and your families with the best possible services over the next five years, and beyond.

Health leaders, including doctors, nurses and other care professions in County Durham and the Tees Valley are looking at how we do this, in discussion with their colleagues and with patients and their representatives.

They are looking at a range of issues including:

  • How different parts of care services – including hospitals, GPs, community and social care – can work together more effectively
  • How the health needs of people living in County Durham and Tees Valley are changing, and how services can change to meet those needs
  • How we make sure all of our patients receive care that is of an equally high standard, wherever and whenever they are treated
  • Making sure patients are always treated by staff with the right training and skills to meet their needs
  • Making sure we have the necessary urgent and emergency care available in the right place and the right time, seven-days a week
  • How we make the best use of the resources we receive from you, the tax payer.

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