• Draft Sustainability and Transformation (STP) published

    NHS organisations across Durham, Darlington, Tees, Hambleton, Richmondshire and Whitby have published their draft Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP), which was submitted to NHS England in October.

    This is in response to NHS England which has asked NHS commissioners and providers to work together to develop STPs as improvement plans for their area, and to work with local authorities and other partners to deliver these.

    The STP identifies four areas for improvement: 

    1. Preventing ill health and increasing self-care – helping communities to be more healthy and resilient by preventing ill health and increasing self care and helping them to manage their long term conditions effectively.
    2. Health and care in communities and neighbourhoods – supporting people to stay well and independent for as long as possible by improving health and care services within their area.
    3. Quality of care in hospitals – “Better Health Programme” – minimising travel for routine care but making sure that people get the best treatment when they need more specialist care.
    4. Use of technology in health care – using technology to improve diagnosis and treatment, and to make care more convenient for people.

    Clinical lead for the STP, Dr Stewart Findlay said: “There are financial pressures on the NHS locally, but for clinicians, the important thing about this plan is that we provide an improved service for patients.

    “The view of our clinical staff is that more care should be provided outside of hospital, in the community, or in a patient’s home where this is safe and effective, supported by GPs, NHS community services, and with the NHS working together with social care and the voluntary sector.

    “For serious emergencies and life threatening situations patients should be treated where senior consultants and experienced teams of staff are available, 24/7, seeing high numbers of patients with similar problems.  Where this already happens, patients have much better results, and our doctors believe this approach needs to be extended to other potentially life threatening situations.”

    Over the next few months, more work will be done to develop the draft STP plan, working with local councils and other partners including the voluntary sector. There will also be more public engagement sessions.

    The Draft Sustainability and Transformation Plan 2016-21, and a summary version is available to download from all local NHS clinical commissioning group websites as well as the Better health Programme website.

    To find out more about the Drat Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) please email necsu.stp@nhs.net.

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