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This is the home of videos, photographs and press releases from the Better Health Programme.

February 2017 – Investing in Children interviews with Dr Jonathan Smith

January 2017 – Phase 5 Engagement Events Video – Maternity & Children’s Services

January 2017 – Clinical event on future system for urgent and emergency care

October 2016 – Interview with Dr Jonathan Smith

October 2016 – Interview with Dr Chris Tulloch

October 2016 – Interview with Dr Andrea Jones

October 2016 – Interview with Dr Stewart Findlay

October 2016 – Interview with Dr Derek Cruickshank

October 2016 – Interview with Dr Boleslaw Posmyk

October 2016 – Interview with Mr Noel Scanlon

October 2016 – Phase 4 Engagement Events Video – Care Closer to Home

July 2016 – Phase 3 Engagement Events Video – The story so far

May 2016 – Phase 2 Engagement Events Video – A framework for the future

April 2016 – Clinical Engagement Event

January 2016 – Stakeholder Forum

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Press Releases:
20170130 Press Release – Maternity and Childrens Services
20170109 Press Release – Vonne 100 Conversations
20170109 Press Release – Investing in Children
20161125 Press Release – STP draft plan
20161108 Press Release – Northallerton engagement event
20161021 Press Release – BHP Reaffirms Principles of Care
20161006 Press Release – BHP announces its October Event Dates
20160701 Press Release – Care could be provided from fewer sites
20160503 Press Release – Public asked for views on different approach
20160214 Press Release – BHP to ask the public for their views
20160126 Press Release – Key Meeting Planned

The Stakeholder Forum 

Public Engagement Event @The Demi in Consett

Public Engagement Event @Sedgfield Race Course 

Public Engagement Event @Northshore Academy 

Public Engagement Event @GSK Social Barnard Castle

Public Engagement Event @Alington House Durham

Public Engagement Event @Hartlepool FE College 

Public Engagement Event @Inspire2Learn Eston 

Public Engagement Event @ The Mercure Hotel Darlington

The Better Health Programme were honored to be invited to
Healthwatch Middlesbrough and Healthwatch Stocktons Strengthening Voices Event.
This was a prime example of local people having thier say and focusing on how we change services for the better!

engagement event engagement event

engagement event


A gallery of photographs from our engagement events: